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Panoramic Photo Collection

Barn in the fog

The CVA Panoramic Photo Collection features 360-degree photos taken at various interesting locations in Appalachia and ranging from Mississippi to New York! Each photo includes information about the area,as well as a map to indicate where the photos were taken.

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Maps from the ARC

The Appalachian Regional Commission generates county-level maps to graphically display potential geographic patterns and spatial correlations in the data of various socioeconomic topics. These visual representations of the data reveal hidden patterns and conditions that may lead to further analysis, research, and regional policy development.

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Quilt Patterns Slide Show


Our quilt block collection slideshow features all of the patterns currently in our collection of photos. The collection is a beautiful representation of this traditional form of craftsmanship at its finest.

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County Economic Status

This is statistical data from the ARC relating to Economic Status in Appalachia, including the 3-year unemployment rate, per-capita market income, and poverty rate as well as others. Includes state-specific numbers.

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