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George Armstrong Custer

George Armstrong Custer was born in New Rumley, Ohio in 1839.

He graduated last in his class at West Point in 1861, but became the youngest Brigadier General in the army by 1864. He took part in major Civil War …

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William Alfred Fowler

William Alfred Fowler was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1911.

His grandfather was a coal miner who emigrated to Pittsburgh from Scotland. He was educated at Ohio State University in engineering physics. While attending college, he worked as a recreation …

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Margaret Higgins Sanger

Margaret Sanger, born in 1879 in Corning, New York, is remembered today as one of the founders of planned parenthood.

What is more difficult to remember today is that birth control was not legal, even for married couples, until 1965. …

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Dinah Washington

inah Washington was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 1924, as Ruth lee Jones.

She moved to Chicago as a child and played piano and sang at her church. At 15 she began to perform secular music and became one of …

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Hiram Ulysses Grant

Ulysses S. Grant was born in 1822 at Point Pleasant, Ohio.

He wrote an extensive autobiography that includes many details about his parents and family. His ancestors were from the Montgomery County, Pennsylvania area and he had relatives in Maysville, …

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Clifford Glenwood Shull

Clifford G. Shull was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1915.

His parents were from farming sections of rural Perry County. He had a sister and a brother and was educated at what was then Carnegie Institute of Technology, living at …

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John Herschel Glenn Jr.

John Glenn was born in 1921 in Cambridge, Ohio. He attended Muskingum College and enlisted in the Naval Aviation Cadet program after Pearl Harbor. He was commissioned in the Marine Corps and flew 149 combat missions in WW II and …

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Ralph Stanley

Ralph Stanley was born in 1927 in the Clinch Mountains of Virginia. He learned to play the banjo as a child and, with his older brother, Carter, formed the Stanley Brothers Band in 1947.

They achieved success through radio airplay, …

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George Catlett Marshall

George C. Marshall was born in Uniontown, Pennsylvania in 1880.

His parents were both from the Maysville Kentucky area. His mother’s family were Union supporters during the Civil War but his father was a Confederate POW. His father was a …

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Charles Hard Townes

Charles Hard Townes was born in Greenville, South Carolina in 1915.

He attended Furman University and graduated with honors at the age of 19. He completed a Master’s degree at Duke and a Ph. D. in 1939 at Caltech. He …

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Helen Adams Keller

Helen Keller was born at Tuscumbia, Alabama in 1880. She became both blind and deaf due to an illness at the age of nineteen months.

She was taken at the age of six to see Alexander Graham Bell. At this …

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Dinah Shore

Dinah Shore was born Frances Rose Shore in Winchester, Tennessee.

She had polio as a baby but recovered to become a cheerleader in high school. She earned a bachelors degree in sociology from Vanderbilt University before launching her career in …

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Cordell Hull

“Cordell Hull was born in 1871 in Pickett County Tennessee one of five boys. His father was a farmer. He attended a one room school and later schools in Kentucky and Southern Ohio, eventually earning a law degree and returning …

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Louisa May Alcott

Louisa May Alcott is known as the author of Little Women and is not usually associated with the Appalachian Region. She was born in 1832 in Germantown Pennsylvania, the second of four daughters.

Her childhood was extremely poor but apparently …

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