George Catlett Marshall

George C. Marshall was born in Uniontown, Pennsylvania in 1880.

His parents were both from the Maysville Kentucky area. His mother’s family were Union supporters during the Civil War but his father was a Confederate POW. His father was a businessman during the industrial area and owned a company that manufactured iron furnace parts.

Like his older brother, he attended the Virginia Military Institute, where he was singled out for persecution at least in part because of his ‘northern’ accent. He graduated at the top of his class and married about the same time he received his officer’s commission. He served in a variety of capacities but was slow to make rank. During WWI he served as Chief of Operations on General Pershing’s staff, and in this capacity was responsible for many decisions on the conduct of the war. He wrote a book about his experiences.

Rank came slowly during the years of the great depression and at one time he commanded a Civilian Conservation Corps unit. During WWII he achieved lasting fame as the Allied Supreme Commander. He served as Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, and after the war, President of the American Red Cross.

He was the author of the Marshall Plan designed to feed and rebuild Europe amid the desolation left by the war. For his efforts he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, the only career military man so recognized.