Hiram Ulysses Grant

Ulysses S. Grant was born in 1822 at Point Pleasant, Ohio.

He wrote an extensive autobiography that includes many details about his parents and family. His ancestors were from the Montgomery County, Pennsylvania area and he had relatives in Maysville, Kentucky. He was the son of a tanner, from a background of small farmers and merchants. He adopted the middle initial “S” about the time he attended West Point.

Grant is of course famous for commanding the Union Forces in the American Civil War and as the President of the United States. It is hard to realize the degree of high esteem in which he was held in his lifetime both at home and abroad. His years after the presidency were marred by business failures and a slow death from cancer, during which time he wrote his Memoirs in an attempt to pay his debts and provide for his family. Only in recent years have his papers been collected and studied to yield an understanding of the pivotal role that this great but humble man played in American history.