William Childs Westmoreland

“William C. Westmoreland was born in Spartanburg South Carolina in 1914. His father was a successful textile manufacturer. He attended West Point and graduated in 1936. He served in WWII first as an artillery commander then as a staff officer. In Korea he commanded an airbourne division and at 42 became the youngest major general in the army. At 46 he became superintendent of West Point, the second youngest ever. In 1964 until 1968 he commanded the troops in Vietnam. He then became Army Chief of Staff and retired in 1972. He ran unsuccessfully for governor of South Carolina in 1975. In 1984 he filed a 120 million dollar libel suit against CBS saying that the network defamed him in a 1982 TV special. Both parties agreed to drop the suit in 1985. He wrote a book called A Soldier Reports which was a memoir of his 40 years of service.”