William Lawrence Boyd

William L. Boyd, better known as his character Hopalong Cassidy, “The Knight of the Golden West”, was born in 1895 in Cambridge, Ohio.

He was from a family of five boys and left home at an early age. He worked in the oil fields and made his way to Hollywood where he appeared in early silent movies. With the advent of talkies, he began to appear as his famous western character and made sixty-six films as Hopalong Cassidy, which is a record for playing the same character in so many movies. As Hopalong, he was famous for being the virtuous good guy and a hero to children. In the 1950s, he successfully made a transition by bringing his character to TV.

His popularity produced a good deal of merchandizing. William L. Boyd was also an astute business man and used much of his wealth to help various children’s charities.

He died in 1972.